BIM Modelling

Audax is the Technology Services and Solution Providers for Building Information Modelling and Technology Integration.

Owners, Developers and Operators

  • BIM Model Validation, Modelling, Compilation of Models
  • Visualization Support
  • BIM Integration with Project Management Software


  • Modelling Services
  • Clash Detection Check
  • Visualization Support
  • BIM Libraries Creation

Contractors and Sub-Contractors

  • Construction Model Creation
  • Sub-Contractor Building Services Modelling
  • BIM Libraries Creations
  • As-Built Models


  • BIM Model Conversion & Creation

Why us?

  • Audax specialised in building BIM model for BIM submission to the authorities (URA, BCA).
  • We have a team with extensive experience and skills in the BIM modelling.
  • We work closely with our clients to ensure that their design has been accurately translated to the BIM model.

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