MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall

Created for Large Scenes Presentation

MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall is suitable for meeting rooms, showrooms, lecture halls and other large scenes, offering you the visual experience of giant screen cinema. The outstanding interaction design and mirroring technology of MAXHUB make your presentation smarter and superior.

138 165 176 220 inch selection

All-in-One Function in Ultra-light, Ultra-thin Design

3-in-1 Board

Integrates a power supply, a receiving card and a hub board, with no external devices

Built-in Android

Supports smart features e.g. playing multimedia visual aids

30% Lighter

Down to 4.8kg per cabinet, around 30% lighter than average weight* in the industry


The thickness is reduced down to 28.5mm

A Seamless, Spectacular, Sparkling Display That Provides Immersive Experience

A MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall delivers optimized grayscale display performance, even in low brightness, providing the audience with an immersive feast for eyes.


Full HD Resolution

High Grayscale

in Low Brightness

Delivering Simplicity And Efficiency

Plug & play system, only one button to turn on/off.

Wireless, Multi-device Interaction Increases Engagement

Real-time screen-share from up to 4 devices including PCs, Macs, i(Pad)OS devices and Android devices. Annotate from multiple devices with synchronized writing. Everyone could easily start sharing their ideas.

Comes with A Smart Control to Access Settings


Color Temperature

Contrast Ratio

Input Signal

Aspect Ratio

Supports Full-front Service and Easy Maintenance

Hot Swapping Repair

Supports replacing modules while working.

One-stop Service

Unified hardware & software technical support

Streamlined Maintenance

Integrated 3-in-1 hub board replacement solves problems quickly

Total Solution for Various Scenarios

Enjoy an elevated confidence with a MAXHUB Smart Podium in an auditorium. Or with a MAXHUB interactive flat panel, start a teleconference right away in a meeting room

Lecture Hall

Meeting room