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Augmented reality is a state of technology that superimposing object or content into the real world environment. Augmented reality has recently started to emerge into our daily practices and supersede at most of our day to day living. Augmented reality use cases are becoming very common, stable and versatile in the current market.

What industry should look for a service from Augmented Reality Company in Singapore?

Augmented reality application does not limit only in entertainment and gaming. In these days, real estate industry quickly adopting it for architectural designing and modeling purposes for building and construction. As this helps the entire construction cycle including the architects, designers, engineer, builder, and also other services providers to visualize the project. For example, augmented reality helps to showcase the building’s structures or the backend systems render into a real world environment viewing.

The limit does not stop from there, yet we slowly see commercial sector adopting this into their marketing visual collaterals. Linking up with their product or design for their potential buyers to understand better about their product. It enhances the visual experiences.

Unlike virtual reality, augmented reality includes virtual elements that interact with what already exists. It is thus possible to combine virtual architectural designs with the reality of the construction site, increasing the efficiency and accuracy, reducing the occurrences of errors,

Providing the interactive viewing solution – Augmented Reality, in Singapore

Augmented reality combines real environment with virtually generated objects with information to enhance the user’s sensory perception. At Audax Visuals – a professional Augmented Reality service provider, we create our augmented reality functions and incorporate into our in house mobile application with the viewing functions. With the minimal hardware or software equipment required, user just need to download our exclusive augmented reality application. Audax visuals exclusively allowing your audience expose to our realistic three dimensional objects in the surreal environment with the user’s mobile application. With this we create an unique interactive viewing experience for audience bridging the real world with computer generated images or object. Contact us for more information about the solution of Augmented Reality in Singapore.

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