Players on ground strike hard to get the perfect visuals in their projects. Since its inception, Audax has sought to constantly integrate its workflow with innovative technologies bringing audience into a virtual world to experience your project.

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HTC Vive Virtual Reality

Audax Visuals – One of the Leading Virtual Reality Service Provider in Singapore

Virtual reality is no longer only associated to the gaming sector. In real estate industry, developer and consultants are adopting this evolving technology to package their projects in ways never before possible.

Are you looking for a Virtual Reality company in Singapore?

Audax Visuals replacing the conventional marketing collaterals such like videos, perspectives, physical model and etc with our in house product Virtual reality. By innovating our 3D visualization technologies with virtual element. We bring audience into an immersive virtual world with three-dimensional walk through of a project space.

Audiences able to see to scale environment close to their viewing perception, move within the virtual spaces with the interactive technologies. As if the audience are now travelling to whole new virtual world.

Leverage on mobile devices such like tablet or mobile phone, we simplify virtual reality experiences without hassle of wearing goggles or PC laptop. As a virtual reality service provider, Audax bring your project to client doorstep with a mobile application or simple website platform that can be viewable from their phone browser.

Audiences now able to have full control of their viewing experience, walking within the virtual spaces with portable devices that simply available in the market. Now, millions of audiences able to view the spaces at the same time at the comfort of their live without hassling to the sales gallery.

With Audax Visuals experience in 3D visuals, we enhance the virtual environment with super realistic 3D materials and digital environment. We visualize your project from an empty space into a surreal realistic environment with 3 dimensional computer graphic images.

With realistic 3D modeling and visualization, the audience now not only see the plain and static perspective or animation video but they can also experience the feel of this space. In short, we all see the benefits of Virtual reality in real estate industry. When its helps property agent to save time, enhance sales experiences, and increase the hit rate of a typical transaction. Our team surely can give you useful advice since we are a professional virtual reality company in Singapore. Contact us today!

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