Last Friday (24th Feb, 2017), over at the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), the Singapore Polytechnic has hosted its Annual Graduation Ceremony and the End of Year Showcase 2017 with the works of the students from Diploma in Architecture and Diploma in Landscape Architecture to be featured and showcased.

The highlight of the event has featured the Architecture students’ work, which they have chosen to use Audax Visuals’ Augmented Reality (AR) Mobile Solution Specialists – MixGo to bring their 2D designs come alive.

MixGo is honored to be invited by the Singapore Polytechnic to take part and involved with the making of the 2D architectural designs to not only 3D but extended ahead to Augment it into real life. The Singapore Polytechnic trusts that with MixGo’s Augmented Reality technology, the students are able to have a different and improved learning and working experiences with their lectures and assignments.

The guests were all showing their interest to the MixGo AR technology and have been surrounded us with questions and amazements. Our colleagues and the students involved in using MixGo have demonstrated and presented the 3D Augmented model to the guests and VIPs, with not just the interactive 3D models, but also by using the camera function of the gadgets that we are using, we are able to place the 3D models and blend it with the real environment to allow the user and audience to have a better and clearer picture of how the 3D model will look like when it is built.

You may check out the video below to watch the highlights on the Singapore Polytechnic Annual Graduation Ceremony and Showcase 2017:

SP & MixGo EOY Show 2017

A fulfilling experience to work with Singapore Poly Diploma in Architecture with our Augmented Reality Technology, showcasing students work for their End of Year Show 2017!

Posted by MixGo on 26hb Februari 2017