Smart Gallery Design

18 Robinson Smart Show Gallery by Tuan Sing

The trend of utilizing experiential technology for events reached a new high in 2020. Experiential technology marketing has become a medium where brands can genuinely connect with their clients and establish a real connection with them. As leaders of cutting-edge technology, Audax can ensure that your brand is given maximum exposure and traffic in any advertising and retail spot.

  • LED Media Wall
  • Immersive Projection Wall
  • 360 Lighting Canvas
  • All in 1 Touch screen Panel


M.SPACO is an interior design firm established by MCC Singapore. M.SPACO is a leading sustainable interior design firm who adopts smart home and cutting-edge technology in our practice to monitor, track and optimize the health and well-being of our places and spaces for occupants.
As smart gallery technology solution provider for M.SPACO, Audax Visuals provides multimedia
applications for experiential spaces, incl:

  • Show Room Interactive Projection Entrance
  • LED Screen
  • Digital Panel/Column
  • Augmented reality content
  • Interactive Table
  • Interactive Bicycle Gaming
  • Interactive Consultation Table