Virtual Reality Landscape Experiencing

Recently, Audax Visuals has upgraded our Virtual Reality (VR) from only interior to exterior areas which is to enhance the landscape viewing for condominium, public facilities, rooftops or sky gardens. In order to let audiences will be able to walk freely in the VR landscape that we have created, feel and watch animated human doing activities around the public area, water features flowing, also butterflies and birds flying. To highlight the living experiences in an area before it is physically built.

Other than adding animated features into the VR content, Audax visuals do not neglect the needs of interaction in the VR areas that we have created. Users are also able to customise their  VR content and set different interaction that can be done. For instance, users are able to open doors, move furniture or plants and etc. Fully customize-able!

Nothing is better! Contact us now for more information or live demonstration!

Audax Visuals x VR Landscape Viewing

We have been showing our clients VR interior, and we have recently just done projects for landscape/exterior areas! Animated human, surrounding with sound effects actually added a more surreal VR experience for the users. Not only these, we are also able to programme any interactions to be done by the users with the VR project. Users will be able to open the doors, move the chairs or vase if they wishes. You just have to drop your ideas, and we will help you to visualise! Nothing is better! Contact us now for more information or live demonstration!

Posted by Audax Visuals on 21hb November 2017