Display Hardware

Present your visuals to maximize marketing effort. From large scale display to interactive and immersive display, pick a suitable media for your office, retail space or exhibition space. Audax got you covered with highly customizable visual hardware.

LED Display.
Choose from a range of LED displays such as standee, curve surface LED, transparent LED and transparent LED film. Customizable size and shape and control system to suit your space and content resolution.
Digital Kiosk .
Directories, product guides and digital concierge. Choose from the limitless functionality, enabling audience to deep dive freely and avoid misinformation.
Digital Kiosk Audax Visuals

Projection Mapping .
Project on any 3D surfaces to create interactive displays. Accurately align content on large surface with our merging capability. Add on interactive activities for engaging and immersive effects.
Masteri Projection Mapping By Audax Visuals

MAXHUB at Audax Visuals

Conferencing Panel .
Collaborate at any work setting with MAXHUB’s interactive flat panel. Choose from a range of sizes and models to suit different scenarios. As a partner of Microsoft Teams Room, experience hustle free BYOB capabilities with MAXHUB.
Digital Signage.
Flat conventional panel, standing glass screen or hanging screen, all comes together with smart controlling management system. Apply different digital signages for retail, restaurants, corporate setting or hotels for a sleek and clean advertising effort.
Digital Signage Audax Visuals

Light Box .
Cost effective method to light up your space with creative branding and long term information for your business.
Light Box Audax Visuals

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