• The MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall

    Beyond spectacular

    The astonishingly lifelike display is immersive beyond words, with exceptional color accuracy and astounding depth across the visible spectrum. Class-leading brightness and contrast ratio are beyond vivid. And the MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall’s impact on viewers? Quite simply, beyond anything your audience has ever experienced.

  • Maintenance and service

    Beyond easy

    From ease of installation and simplicity of maintenance, to our comprehensive hardware and software support and service, the MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall ushers in a new era of convenience and flexibility.

  • The experience

    Beyond engaging

    With real-time wireless screen sharing from up to four devices simultaneously, along with synchronized annotation from smartphones, tablets and laptops, built-in interactive capabilities turn onlookers into impassioned participants in your presentations, ideas and brand.

Beyond a class-leading display

The MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall dazzles the eye – but what you see is only part of the picture. In every aspect of its
design, this astonishing display not only advances audience engagement, it sets a new standard for intuitive operation,
flexible deployment, and easy service and maintenance.

Ultra-light & thin. All-in-one design

  • 30% lighter than the industry average*
  • 4.8kg weight per cabinet
  • 28.5mm thickness
*MAXHUB Marketing Data Analysis Center

Multi-device collaboration

  • Real-time wireless screen sharing from up to 4 devices simultaneously
  • Synchronized annotation from multiple devices
  • Easy interaction with smartphones and tablet computers

Full-front service and easy maintenance

  • 3-in-1 board integrates power supply, receiving card and hub board
  • Easy hot-swapping of modules
  • Unified hardware and software technical service and support

Beyond collaborative:

The ultimate conferencing solution

In conference rooms and auditoriums alike, the MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall’s spectacular display and built-in
interactive features ignite participation in every presentation.

Meeting Rooms

Share ideas effortlessly

Transform your conference room into an immersive collaboration environment. The MAXHUB Integrated LED
Wall enables real-time wireless screen-sharing from up to four devices, synchronized annotation for multiple
devices, and plug-and-play operation with a simple, but powerful wireless Smart Control.

Ideal for any environment

Mount the MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall on any load-bearing wall without extra construction, suspend it from
the ceiling, or place it on a mobile stand. The ultra-light, ultra-thin design accommodates every room’s
positioning requirements and decor, and can be set up quickly and easily by non-experts.
Ceiling hanging
Mobile Stand-mounting

Modular design

Configure the MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall to meet your exact needs. Units are available in 110 inch (9-120m2),
138 inch (120-150m2 ), 165 inch (150-180m2),and 220 inch (180-200m2) sizes that connect – and invisibly – to
create a single tile-less display that precisely fits your conference room or auditorium.


Present with confidence

The Ultra-wide MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall effortlessly engages audiences, but never distracts presenters.
Access all settings with the wireless Smart Control, and control all collaboration features – including synchronized
annotation – via Bluetooth connection with your preferred device.

A complete system

Use the MAXHUB Smart Lectern to screen share, make on-screen annotations, and play media without having to
turn your back on the audience. To further optimize and extend the experience to your specific needs, take
advantage of a wide range of MAXHUB peripherals, including speakers, movable stands and more.

Flexible display modes

Multiple presentation modes enable you to tailor your communication to the needs of the moment.
The MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall offers dual screen, full screen, and central viewing options.
Dual-screen mode
Full-screen mode
Central mode

Become a Channel Partner

Introduce your customers to an industry game changer.

The total solution

More than just a display, the MAXHUB Integrated
LED Wall is a complete presentation and
collaboration solution for verticals ranging from the
corporate sector to higher education and houses
of worship.

Comprehensive marketing support

Channel partners receive unparalleled marketing
support. Count on structured marketing funding
and hands-on guidance for promotional event
planning and management to make you look like
a star.

Technology leadership

The MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall is brought to you
by CVTE, a global technology solutions provider
with leading-edge R&D expertise, a reputation for
quality, and a long history of technology innovation.

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