For Commercial .

Customizable LED and Projection Solution for Ads and Visual Merchandising.
Seamlessly integrates with your environment, transforming ordinary walls, floors, and even objects into captivating canvases for storytelling and product showcasing using different LED hardware, Digital Signage and Projection Mapping.

Tiffany and Co LED Display Thailand
Tiffany & Co. Thailand .
Puma TRX Malaysia .
Zegna LED Screen at Takashimaya
Zegna Paragon.
Gucci TRX Malaysia.
Hardware to Use
LED Standee Audax Visuals Singapore
LED Standee
Digital Kiosk Audax Visuals Singapore
Digital Kiosk
Digital Signage Audax Visuals
Digital Signage
Tiffany and Co Thailand LED Display Audax Visuals
Customizable LED
Content Management System
Utilize a unified content management platform to seamlessly create, edit, manage,
and publish content across all your digital channels.
CMS System Audax Visuals Singapore
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