About Us

Audax Visuals is a one-stop solution visualisation company. We combine hard work, creativity with cutting edge 3D technology to help architects, developers, urban planners and designers to present their designs into fabulous 3D presentations with perspective, physical model (scale model), photography (360 ° – 720° interactive) and more. Focusing on the fast pace in technology, buildings or design spaces in relation to their surroundings are presented in 3D animations, and if you want more than usual animation you can also have Virtual Reality (VR).

Audax Visuals has team up a group of M-commerce talents. As we come to realize that mobile can do more than it is known. Other than iPad application, we also do Augmented Reality (AR) which brings the world to a whole visualisation to a new level. Audax Visuals also provides website designing services by meaning of graphics or various interactive media to ease you in your business.

If you are running out of ideas or inspirations but would like to have your landscape being virtually constructed, worry not, our talented architects are ready to assist you. To complete our services, in-house photographers and advertising agents are readily available to enhance your final compositions.