• MAXHUB Share

    Designed for wireless presentation and seamless collaboration.
    MAXHUB Share software works perfectly with the MAXHUB interactive plat panel while delivering the smoothest teamwork experience between people, devices, and content.

Share Easily, Quickly and Clearly in Multi-Screen

Multi-screen sharing

MAXHUB Share wirelessly connects the panel to personal devices like laptops, phones and tablet computers. It als o allows up to 4 participants to share content simultaneously.

Share up to 4K

MAXHUB Share delivers crisp and clear screen-sharing clarity up to 4K resolution, preserving critical detail and enhancing the visual experience when multiple presenters share content simultaneously.

Ultra-low transmission

With a 0.09s transmission time, real-time sharing enables you to present high-quality pictures and videos with fluidity and stability.

2-way collaboration

With MAXHUB Share, mobile devices can be operated both from the MAXHUB flat panel,or used directly to manage writing, annotating and presenting on MAXHUB. By enabling 2-way operation, MAXHUB Share makes teamwork more flexible and efficient.

Share By All Means

Share by X-Link

Instead of connecting to the same router or hotspot, use the X-Link feature in MAXHUB Share & MAXHUB dongle to screen share wirelessly from laptops without connecting to any network. This will enable you to connect to a nearby MAXHUB V5 faster and more directly.

Share by Type-C

On the lower front bezel of MAXHUB V5 panels, we added a Type-C port to connect with other devices like a laptop. It immediately shares the screen to the MAXHUB V5 and allows access to the camera and microphone array of the IFP.

Share by MAXHUB Share Application

The MAXHUB Share application enables wireless screen sharing from laptops, phones and tablets. Once connected with the MAXHUB panel hotspot, just input the share code and you are ready to go.

Share by Dongle

Pair your wireless screen-share dongles with a MAXHUB panel, plug into your computer, and after a few clicks, you’ll be free to show. MAXHUB offers individual dongle interface options for USB and Type-C.

Easy Interaction With Mobile Phones

MAXHUB Whiteboard facilitates the wireless distribution of meeting recaps to all attendees, present or absent, while eliminating the clutter of handwritten meeting notes. Fresh ideas and annotations can be saved in real time, providing easy sharing access across all channels.

Mobile control over IFP

Mobile scan for quick screen share

Mobile content sharing by scanning the QR code

Mobile auto-scan correction

Screen-share Arranged in Independent Windows

Multiple shared screens projected on the same page

Remember when screen shares took up the entire screen? Now wirelessly projected screens can be arranged in independent windows on the same page for enhanced flexibility.

Effortless management of window-displayed screens

Drag, close, or change the size of screen-sharing windows quickly and simply. Want to share a video and make notes in the whiteboard application at the same time? MAXHUB Share also makes it easy to multi-task during screen-sharing sessions.

Present Your Way

Do not disturb

When sharing important content in full screen, others may accidentally interrupt and distract you. The new “Do Not Disturb” mode enables you to secure the screen-share session and maintain your focus.

Share specific applications & block unwanted ones

While sharing a presentation, have you ever been interrupted by a skype call request, Facebook Messenger notification or an incoming email or text alert? This new feature enables users to share a specific application without being interrupted by other applications. It not only prevents embarrassment, it can also prevent the leaking of vital business information.

Duplication or extension

In addition to the option of duplicating the screen, now MAXHUB Share adds a new feature, shared as an extension, to ensure a more accurate and safe sharing environment.

Freeze the screen

Should a presenter desire a break from screen sharing or want to multitask with another application, MAXHUB V5 can freeze the screen while keeping the content intact. Afterward, it’s easy to return to the screen and resume sharing.

More Tools That Make Sharing More Rewarding

Floating screen-share code

The 6-digit transfer code of MAXHUB Share is always displayed on the large screen interface. This is a convenience for anyone who needs instant sharing from various devices but does not want to return to the panel to find the screen transfer code.

Manage screen sharing from IFP

MAXHUB Share enables users to manage screen sharing from the receiving end of IFP. Now one can control whether to display the connected devices or disconnect the device.

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