• Dynamic Multimedia Technologies

    Our dynamic technology leverage on intuitive hardware component allowing audience to experience unique visuals with various touch and sensor to trigger to audience sensory point. Making your content and setup outstand.

Interactive Digital Kiosk Panel

Using advanced Transparent Touch Screen create cutting edge display. Immersive 720 degree product visualization with Audax Glass Projection. Our glass projection are able to turn a clear transparent screen into an HD projection surface

  • High Resolution display with multiple interface and touch sensor

  • PC built in with graphic card

  • Customize sizing for unique setup including standing bracket

360 Immersive Projector Screen

Enhanced picture quality, excellent colour reproduction and life-like images. Audax Projector screen offering high brightness and unsurpassed contrast even in brightly lit environments on any plain wall to maximize interior settings

  • Enhance ID concept by maximizing every space

  • True colour and impressive visualization without concerning on lighting

  • Proposed content: Immersive to scale of project facilities or interior unit

Sensors projector experiences

Integrating sensors with projector for enhancement visualization. With Audax computer graphic images skillset, we allow audience expose to unique interactive experiences with fantasy ideas to conceptualized property unique identity.

  • Transforming ordinary floor or wall into entertaining visuals

  • Unique sensory action to detect actions integrated with computer graphic images

  • Seamless setup, easily plug and play into different environment.

White scale model projection

Unique visualization method to display scale model rather than traditional full colour scheme. Multiple display by controlling lighting projection to highlight particular location.  Integrated with animations or multimedia video to maximize scale model and projector exposure.

  • For master planning or overall map explanation

  • Easy implementation without any reconstruction of existing building structural

  • Highlight surrounding facilities and zone with colour projector on scale model

White scale model with LCD display

Customized scale of LCD table or video wall with scale model integrated. Instead of using scale model lighting, Audax visuals highlight scale model with the high definition view of LCD screen. We allow audience to understand project surrounding not just with visuals but also words and sound to enhance experience.

  • Seamless customized content to suits any acrylic model on top of LCD

  • Interactive touch point to understand particular amenities

  • Easy for plug and play or maintenance.

Transparent LED screen

Semi Transparent LED display panel for exterior viewing. Catching audience attention on the display content as well as a short glance of building interior. Dynamic installation without covering the interiors viewing.

  • High in brightness display under sunlight

  • Visual effects on any glass surface without covering the interior

  • Proposed content: Project shout-out, project actual view displaying at the show flat glass window

LED Screen Display

Audax Visuals never stops innovating unique visualization experiences, we combine multimedia technology with large LED screens. With the scalability of the LED panel and visualization potential, we provide comprehensive service from installation, content creation, programming as well as dismantling for the next project.

Project References:

  • Sengkang Grand Residences by CDL and Capitaland
  • The Atelier Condo by Bukit Sembawang
  • Parc Clematis by SingHaiYi
  • Sky Everton by SingHaiYi
  • Treasure at Tampines by SingHaiYi
  • Midtown by Guocoland
  • Amber Park by CDL
  • Haus of Handy by CDL
  • Jadescape by Qingjian
  • The Gazania by SingHaiYi

Projector Screen

Audax Visuals projector brings you the extraordinary experience in using projector screen. By setting a semi circle curve screen wall, users can enjoy a more immersive experience. With the innovation of curved screens which is said to be more comfortable for your eyes, curved monitors also offer a larger perceived field of view.

Project References:

  • Amber Park by CDL
  • The Essence by Lian Soon Holdings
  • The Addition by Oxley

Amber Park by CDL

The Addition by Oxley

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