Content creation is about to change drastically in the coming years as ultra-high-definition displays with wide color gamut, superior refresh rates, and great contrasts become widely available and demand for high-quality visuals increases. Being one of the leading visualization company, Audax Visuals produce immersive LED panels for showflats and event spaces. Our LED screen has been broadly installed at the Singapore showflat including


1. Jadescape – Qingjian


2. Parc Clematis and The Lilium and Gazania – SingHaiYi


3. Amber Park and Haus on Handy – City Development


4. Midtown – Guocoland


5. Treasure at Tampines – Sim Lian

and many other ongoing projects.

The elegant flat panel create nearly any size and shape screen to fit your desire anytime easily. Our LED display systems are seamless, providing high definition visuals in various events and use cases including

  • Office Lobby and Reception
  • Museum and exhibitions
  • Shopping Malls and Retail
  • Public Event
  • Hospital or Public Sector setup
  • Security Room
  • School and University Educational
  • Food and Beverage Restaurant
  • Stadium

While back in the conventional days, events and exhibitions still used static poster printing, and lightbox settings for large media wall settings. In the past few years, the heavy use of multiple TV puzzles in a large for dynamic or video playing with background music. However, technologies have never stopped innovating. Today, LED adoption is high across all sectors. A huge LED panel as compared to the conventional static solid or constant lighting display. It is like a giant moving image with a huge moving monitor display.

We provide high quality LED screens in Singapore

Audax Visuals provides high quality LED module that comes with different pixels and sizes to promote dynamic setup and seamless media wall. With our high quality brightness and simple plug-and-play setup. We bring your event to any indoor or outdoor venue regardless of the environmental lighting. Audax Visuals professional product with IP66 rated for outdoor weather or waterproof setup. You don’t have to worry about the weather or any external factors.

With the High-definition LED display panels. Audax visuals allow you to customize the media wall into any shape or size to best fit into your events or available spaces. Our LED panel deliver your key message content with an impactful visual and outreach to a far distance of viewers.

LED lighting video wall promotes a seamless setup without any gap between each module and puzzle into a huge display screen. With different pixels or resolutions, we support small or close events to a public event that requires at least 10 meters to 20 meters viewing distance.

Audax Visuals provides one stop end to end professional services from the quality LED module product, professional setup and installation services also super realistic dynamic 3D image or video content. With our professional creative team, we will provide our best proposal to fit your requirements and time frame. Our installation team are stable and reliable with a professional onsite installer and certified endorsement for the structure setup, a technical consultant and also a creative 3D designer to bring everything as one for your project. We have numerous installed projects across the globe.