Are you seeking a fresh and creative way to connect with your customers? 

At Audax, we have been working hard by harnessing technology to transform ordinary spaces into immersive, interactive zones. These spaces enable customers to explore products and make purchases from anywhere globally, all with the magic of digital screens!

What is Digital Showroom Design?

About Digital Showroom Design

At the heart of our business is a commitment to utilize the latest technology to revolutionize property exploration. 

We’re not just about showcasing properties. We are all about creating captivating digital showroom experiences that truly resonate with customers’ desires. 

Let’s dive deeper into the solutions:


1. All-in-one LED Display

Imagine having a property tour on a massive, high-resolution LED screen. It’s like bringing the property right infront of your eyes, offering a stunning visual experience.

All in one LED

2. Video wall and Light Box

With our Video wall and Light Box, you are able to display various content on each monitor or it can function as one unified huge display. Using LED technology for individual screens, with LCD monitors and tiles. 

Visual Light Box

3. Interactive Projection Mapping

Do you want to add some interaction to your projection? Explore properties in a way you never thought possible, with our dynamic projections that respond to your touch and gestures.

Projection Mapping

4. Touch Screen Panel

You can tap, swipe, and interact with property details in real-time with our Touchscreen panel.  It’s like having the property’s information at your fingertips!

Touch screen panel

5. 360 Lightning Canvas

Step into the property and see it from every angle with our 360-degree view on 360 Lighting Canvas. Without having to worry about missing out or not being able to see when using a normal screen. 

360 Lightning Canvas

6. Augmented Reality Content

Augmented reality blends the real world with virtual elements. It’s the next level of property exploration, offering an immersive experience that’s both educational and fun for everyone.

Augmented Reality Content

7. Physical Scale Model

Representation of a scaled-down architectural model of a building that effectively portrays both the internal connections within the structure and its external connections to the surrounding environment.

Physical scale model

Our Previous Work 

1. New Port Digital Show Gallery by CDL 

2. Masteri Waterfront Digital Show Gallery

3. Midwood


Through Audax, we have the power to revolutionize and elevate the way you present information to your intended audience. So, if you are a real estate enthusiast, property buyer, or agent looking to stay ahead in this tech-savvy world, we’ve got just what you need. 

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