Projection Mapping by Audax

At Audax, we are not just in the business of projection. We are also in the business of turning imagination into an immersive visual experience. 

Today, let’s embark on a journey into the captivating world of Projection Mapping, where creativity has no boundaries.

So, what exactly is Projection Mapping, and how does it work? 

Join us as we dive deep into this extraordinary technology and discover how we, Audax, can make it an exciting way for storytelling and innovation!


About Projection Mapping

In Audax, we skillfully combine both hardware and software, a fusion of projectors and textured surfaces. This technique does not just elevate visuals. It takes us on a captivating journey. Let’s bid farewell to plain white screens. With Audax’s projection mapping, we can transform your ideas into interactive and vibrant graphics.


Items used

1. Projectors

Our team uses High-quality projectors to showcase projection mapping, displaying high pixel and accuracy of the digital content onto the item.  


2. 3D Mapping Software

We use the latest and specialized software to create and design the digital element that you want, in the projection mapping.


Previous Projects

1. Amber Park

Projection Mapping at Amber Park, by Audax

Working in tandem with City development, Audax employed ten projectors to create an immersive 18-meter-wide, 6-meter-high curved projection wall. It showcased the Seafront Living experience, offering visitors a sensory delight.


2. Forett At Bukit Timah

Projection Mapping at Forett At Bukit Timah. by Audax

Audax utilized projection mapping to craft an 8-meter-long forest trail walkway, mimicking the natural environment buyers can expect. With the sounds and scents of nature in the background, it’s a true Bukit Timah Nature Reserve experience.


3. Waterfront

Projection Mapping at Waterfront, by Audax

Audax transformed Waterfront’s first smart showroom in Hanoi with an L-shaped walkway projection of a real ocean beach. Visitors could step onto the “ocean” and leave footprints in the sand, creating an immersive and entertaining experience.



Audax’s Projection Mapping is a gateway to a world where imagination meets innovation and it transforms original surfaces into animated storytelling platforms. 

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