Scale Model by Audax

Using a scale model to showcase your products helps to enhance the overall idea of your business and what you are trying to sell.

Scale models are commonly used for visualization to provide an exact representation of your proposed ideas, providing a better understanding of your business. This can easily catch your target audience’s attention with a well-polished physical scale model. 

In Audax, we have a group of professionals to transform your ideas and design them into a scale model. Which we often use the scale model in real estate development to showcase housing developments or commercial projects to grab potential buyers and investors’ attention. 

In this blog, we will find out what kind of features we used to design the scale model and what kind of scale model we produced


The Benefits

1. High technology integrated 

In Audax, we use the most advanced and current technology to customize interactive programs and smart functions which can improve the overall process of making your desired scale model. 

These tools allow for precise planning and accuracy for your desired scale model design. It also enables adaptability to specific user needs. While the smart functions automate tasks and adjustments based on the data you have given to our team. This ensures that multiple copies of the scale model will be identical, especially useful for industrial or educational purposes. 

Types of software used: 

1. 3D Modeling Software

Using AutoCAD, SolidWorks or Blender allows our designers to visualize concepts in a virtual space to design realistic scale models 


2. Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

CAM allows for precision machining using CNC machines enabling the production of complex designs


3. 3D Printing Technology 

Used to produce rapid prototyping which enables quicker revisions of design 


2. Highest standard laser cutting machine in the industry

Our team uses the most defined and latest laser-cutting machine to produce precise and repeatable results. Our machine is able to cut various materials with exceptional accuracy, ensuring that every detail is crafted out. 

Using the latest and highest standard laser cutting machine, our team is able to operate and produce the scale model components quickly. Not only that, our machine is able to produce smooth and clean-cut edges for your scale model, able to present it in a professional and polished manner.  

Types of High-Standard laser cutting machines used: 

1. CO2 Laser Cutters 

  • Our team use top-of-the-line OMtech machines for precise cutting of a wide variety of materials such as wood, plastics and paper. 


2. Fiber Laser Cutters

  • Fiber lasers are used to cut and engrave metals which opens up more precision manufacturing capabilities for metals


3. More defined workmanship:  Focus on precision and realism

Our group of professionals will begin with the design thinking process on how to design your scale model. They use their workmanship to produce precise and realistic scale models based on your inputs of how you want them to be. We are also able to design your scale model to make it more aesthetically pleasing to catch anyone’s attention. 


4. High-quality raw material that can last for 3-5 years

We also use the best quality raw materials to ensure that the scale model is able to maintain its structure and appearance over time. This can help to save the need to repair or remake the scale model and be able to place it for display in public settings for a long time. 

Types of High-Quality Raw Materials used: 

1. Woods

  • Our team use woods like walnut, cherry, maple or oak for its durability and aesthetic appeal on the scale model.


2. Plastic

  • We also use high-quality plastic like acrylic or polycarbonate for its lightweight and ability to be moulded or cut into intricate shapes. 


3. Glass

  • Our team uses glass to display the clarity of the transparent elements of the scale model.


Scale Model by Audax

Types of scale models produced

  1. Overall Model
  2. Unit Model
  3. Landscape Model
  4. Facilities Model 
  5. White Model



The combination of using high technology integration, industry-standard machinery, precise workmanship, and high-quality materials in creating physical scale models results in accurate, durable, and visually stunning representations. 

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