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    In the world of visualization, there is various ways and method to showcase a particular object or product. It does not only limits to the viewing experiences but now, players on ground trying to showcase multi sensory experiences such like 3D, 4D, 5D and more.

Projection Mapping

Immersive show room solution

We are also a projection mapping service provider in Singapore

Similar to augmented reality between the partial computer graphic and the real world environment. Combining the hardware and software visuals, Audax Visuals promotes projection mapping. Projection mapping combine between the projection from a projector on top of the surface with texture. This projection technique turns visuals into a unique display experience. Rather than the usual boring white or flat surface screen, we now can project visuals on a solid buildings or objects with dynamic computer graphic bringing the flat and static environment to life. Using an immersive show room solution, we can create an immersive environment and providing exciting interactive experiences. It creates an illusion that the static surface or object is now movable or come to life!

Why use immersive show room solution and projection mapping in Singapore?

Projection mapping could be applicable into different scenarios. From the creative advertisement, exhibitions or events, show and live concerts, gaming entertainment, computing technologies, designing decorative or anything depends on creativity.

In the retail industry, the highly supply and demanded e-commerce shopping, the competition for the brick and mortar store has to brainstorm and take extra mile to focus on the in-store shopping experiences to attract shoppers. The dynamic projection technologies introduce as a retail technology with many ways creating an omnichannel or ecosystem of a shopping journey and transfer into a solid transaction.

Projection on top of the retail products, it attracts shopper attention and promoting the product scalability. It promotes a passive way to attracts shopper instead of hard selling verbal communication. Capturing crowd or attention is the ultimate goal that a typical event or showcase organizer desire. Events and entertainment companies, projection mapping able to capture audience’s attention by pausing themselves to focus into the dynamic content on a static surface. As a professional projection mapping service provider, our team is able to provide the reliable and top quality of service for any of your projects.

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