Since 2015, Audax Visuals has put efforts into studying Virtual Reality and bought the first Beta sets of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Since its success in 2017, the benefits of VR in architecture have become so strong that most people are starting to recognise its influences and put VR into the real game.

From just hardware for video games to products and architectural visualisation, the public can now actually really count on Virtual Reality (VR) for many fields out there. The study on how VR trends can increase the need for 3D visuals is affecting architects and visualisation teams.

According to some reading we have done, there will be at least two-thirds or more than two-thirds of architectural and architectural visualisation professionals planning to use VR in 2018. 28% already are (where Audax Visuals sees ourselves in this 28%), with others that are currently experimenting. This has clearly shown that the introduction of VR offers new ways for them to experience unbuilt buildings which increased the usage and interest of VR.

Not only the architects are using VR, but the developers too, have found out the benefits of using VR in their sales and marketing activities. As you can watch from the video below, it is one of the projects that we have done for Hoi Hup Realty for their Hundred Palms project. Other than Hoi Hup, we have also been working with Oxley, Singhaiyi, Teeland etc for projects in VR and AR.

Our team is known as the pioneer company in Singapore that uses Virtual Reality for architectural projects. We have good portfolios to present to you and listen to your needs.

Contact us now for more information or a live demonstration!

You can now view the video from below:

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