In the previous months, Audax Visuals has been very proud to be able to work with one of the biggest developers in Malaysia, EcoWorld Sdn Bhd with both of their Malaysia projects, the Eco Botanic and Eco Horizon in Johor Bahru and Pulau Pinang.

EcoWorld has been working hard to improve the buying experience of their customers by providing a well-designed and comfortable sales gallery full of information on their available projects. Audax Visuals, who is not just an architectural visualisation expert, is also experienced in programming mobile applications/touch screen applications for our clients to help them ease their agents and selling procedures to be easier and more direct. We have helped them to install their application on all of their agent’s iPads for ease to bring around to present their projects to their customers.

To have all the interactive content included such as 360 overall viewing of the project site, we have also a timeline to show the progress of their project, and we use the drone to take 720° photography to have a surreal viewing experience. Users are able to seamlessly view the project of EcoWorld in one glance.

Other than Mobile Applications, Audax Visuals has also helped EcoWorld to set up their wireless VR in their sales gallery, having the Augmented Reality Unit ready for scanning and viewing! To learn more about the EcoWorld project, you are now welcome to their open sales gallery for viewing!