On 29th October, MixGo has done our officially launching event in Dong Guan City in the Central of Guang Dong Province, China. The director, Mr. Guan WenBing has given a talk for the audiences to introduce about the brand and the Augmented Reality Mobile Application that we are trying to integrate into businesses for their new marketing and sales tools. And we are overwhelmed by the supports, attention and love from the audience which motivates us even more to create greater things in the future!

Once again we are very thankful for all the support from our partners and friends, who has been the one that got on our latest products and knowing the function of the technology first-hand. Together we striking to become better and create greater milestone together.

Should you want to join us as a part of MixGo or know more about MixGo, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!