The Building & Construction Authority (BCA) Singapore has been showing interest in the latest technology in the market recently called “Augmented Reality” (AR) and “Virtual Reality” (VR). Audax Visuals is very proud to be able to introduce our latest brand “MixGo” which specializes in both AR and VR to BCA.

Through some opportunities, Audax Visuals is able to propose the idea of using Augmented and Virtual Reality on BCA’s project. We truly appreciate everyone who is involved and has paid us much attention and time and accepted our idea of bringing in the latest technology.

Our MixGo team are explaining and demonstrating the Augmented Reality (AR) usage and presenting the pros and cons for the BCA team. In case you are now wondering, what can our Augmented Reality do for you,

  • Unit Interior Viewing – Get an Aerial View and be able to see different spaces and designs of a home unit interior;
  • Unit Exterior Viewing – Get a 360° view which able to see the facade details;
  • Product Viewing – Get a 3D model of your product and show it to your client/customer in a more realistic way presentation;
  • Marketing – The creation of your campaign needs. Bring your print marketing items to come alive with a more surreal and different experience.


The MixGo team then moved forward to present our Virtual Reality (VR) to the BCA team. If you are now wondering what can our VR do for you,

  • Interior – Virtual unit tour. Giving your client/customer the freedom of customizing their own space;
  • Safety Construction – Working training in a virtual environment without actual danger and accuracy of training to be improved;
  • Airforce – Simulating actual events of aircraft without repercussion or danger during training;
  • Education – Latest experimental learning to improve knowledge retention.

BCA and Audax have been in close talks to build a strong, long-lasting partnership. We have discussed future projects where we can collaborate to ensure quality and mutual success. BCA has also embraced the idea of having a showroom to showcase Audax and MixGo’s cutting-edge AR and VR technology.

We are truly honored by this opportunity, and if you’re interested, you can visit the BCA showroom in just a few weeks to experience it firsthand!

If you need any assistance or if you are keen to understand more, kindly contact us for more!