As Audaxers always behave, after the Augmented and Virtual Reality, in order to have a wider range of options for our clients able to engage the right services that are most suitable for different projects, Audax Visuals has our photographers gone under training for flying a drone and take better pictures in a different experience and angle. After the photography team is confident, we have brought in our drone and we are now licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) to fly the unmanned aircraft for video and photo shooting.

The best part about using drone photography is we are able to bring architectural photography to another angle, another level with a whole new experience! Best picture taking for your aerial view or bird’s-eye view perspective to superimpose your 3D model in. Not only surreal aerial view perspectives or normal panoramic outdoor architectural photographs, but we are able to also shoot your 720° panoramic indoor photos for your show unit or project.

Other than taking excellent photography for architecture, we also make your drone photography or panoramic photos into interactive photos. You are then able to place your interactive photography into your website or portfolio to add greater immersion for your clients/audiences. The combination of the scenario or buildings around your project with the indoor 720° or specific area around or in your project location that you would like to highlight, we are also able to make them interactive and able to show more details of your project.

Take a look at some of the photos below:

Audax Visuals is also capable of helping you to make your company’s very own smart gadget application. By making your company’s mobile application, we are also able to program your interactive photography into your mobile application. Moreover, our interactive drone/panoramic photography is also able to be viewed through Virtual Reality (VR) gear. Through our VR gear, the viewer will be able to do and view a surreal virtual unit tour and outdoor scenery from a virtual unit.

Should you need any assistance or if you are keen to understand more, kindly contact us for more!