On 26 March 2017, Sunday, the Jiangsu Association (Singapore) had its opening ceremony and launch of the Alliance for the Betterment of Community in Shangri La Hotel. As part of the attendees, Audax Visuals would love to congratulate the Jiangsu Association (Singapore) on its Grand Opening and send appreciation for inviting us to celebrate along.

The Jiangsu Association (Singapore) has invited our director and colleagues to the ceremony and they enjoyed themselves very much at the event! Enjoying good performances, drinks, feasts and companions.

Take a look at some of the pictures taken during the event:

Other than being part of the attendees, Visuals also feels such a pleasure and is honoured to be involved, we are also thankful for the chance given to work together with us, Audax to design their magazines, invitation cards, certificates and write-ups for newspapers. It was another great experience working together!

Hereby, Audax Visuals wishes the Jiangsu Association (Singapore) would create more milestones and more memorable moments in the near future!

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